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About Us

TouchLight Innovations is a pioneer in harvesting lost energy from people’s motion. Founded in 2014, we have quickly become the #1 Emerging Clean Tech Company in the world and one of the Top 10 Startups to Watch in the Midwest. We specialize in creating innovative solutions to create a self-sustaining world and put the POWER back at your feet again.


Swarnav Pujari is an internationally recognized researcher for his work with electronic materials. He also serves as a startup consultant and does public speaking. Pujari is also recognized as one of the Top 3 Entrepreneurs in the USA

Swarnav Pujari | TouchLight Innovations

Swarnav Pujari


Anish Bhatt is the COO of Upfizz Media and a product architect at Apple. He has years of experience in business development and operations management. Bhatt is a successful investor and works closely with starups 

Anish Bhatt | Advisor Touch Light Innovations

Anish Bhatt

Sales Adiser

Dr.Mihir Pathak is the Chief of Staff at Stack Overflow and serves on two boards in a hardware and software startup. He is a PhD in Cryogenics from Georgia Tech and has worked at NASA. He has served as a Policy Adviser at The White House and Quantitative Researcher at Mckinsey & Company 

Dr. Mihir Pathak | Advisor Touch Light Innovations

Dr.Mihir Pathak

Business Strategy

Bryan James is a graduate in mechanical engineering from University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign class of 2010. He focuses his work in developing mechanical systems for intricate energy conversion solutions.

Bryan James TouchLight Innovations

Bryan James

Product Development

Power. From. People.

Power Pad Hallway

Westchester Knicks

Power Pad

Development Process of Power Pad

Power Pad Technology

TouchLight Innovations Power Pad Technology is a ground breaking innovation in the field of mechanical energy harvesting. With the highest efficiency we can convert single steps in moderate to heavy traffic locations to 10 Watt-Min of power. Our unique process allows this low-profile device to offer a 2-5 year ROI and can make building owners $80K annually by saving from their utility bill. 480 people a day is all it takes to put the power at your feet.

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DO YOU have what it takes to Power the world?

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