TouchLight Innovations is a cutting edge power generation solutions company which specializes in creating, sourcing and deploying unique energy solutions for commercial facilities. Let us help you get off the grid.

We do more than save you money

TouchLight develops unique energy harvesting solutions designed specifically to help generate electricity in commercial spaces. However, it is our goal to help cut facilities completely off the grid and slash utility bill prices. 

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Energy Savings

We offer a unique in floor energy harvesting system which can save building owners up to 50% on electricity costs.

energy tiles

Our technology harvests all forms of ambient energy from within the your floors including as you walk across it. This system delivers dual benefits of driving energy savings and enabling the potential to completely island you building from the grid.


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We work with you to island your building from the grid by utilizing supporting technologies alongside our Energy Tile to make sure you are off grid today and into the future. 

our mission

We believe in giving people the power to fully control their electricity to decentralize the current utility model. 


We work everyday to create energy solutions that are both powerful and financially beneficial.

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