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TouchLight is a pioneer in harvesting lost energy from people’s motion. Founded in 2014, we have quickly become the #1 Emerging Clean Tech Company in the world and one of the Top 10 Startups to Watch in the Midwest. We specialize in delivering products to move toward the goal of democratizing power for the people.

TouchLight’s technology is a ground breaking innovation in the field of mechanical energy harvesting. Our systems turn your average hallway into a power generating walkway to ensure YOU have full control over your power. Our unique technology allows this sub-flooring device to offer a 2-5 year ROI and can help building owners make $80K annually by saving from their utility bill. 480 people a day is all it takes to put the power at your feet.


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“TouchLight is a great example of how a ‘Single Step Idea’ can revolutionize access to energy through day to day activities.”

-Dr. Bartosz Wojszczyk


Technology overview

  • Generates up to 10W/min
  • Sub-flooring adapted for most flooring
  • Estimated 3-5 Year Return of Investment
  • An Avg. Building owner with 500 people a day can save up to $80,000.00 annually on their utility bills


power at our feet

TouchLight Technology

TouchLight’s technology is a unique take on generating power from ambient energy within commercial facilities. We create real value for our commercial building owner customers by delivering real savings, a fast path to renewable power, customer interaction with the Power Pad, and the vehicle to educate their customers which builds their sustainable and innovative image. To learn more about our technology reach out to receive a complimentary inquiry and detailed information on what we can deliver to you. 

Our singular goal is to democratize power via renewable technologies all while creating financial benefit to each of our customers! Reach out today.


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