The Energy Revolution

Why the energy sector is changing

The energy sector is rapidly evolving. 

In society, renewable energy has become a massive focal point as we have realized the adverse effects of using legacy energy generation methods based on fossil fuels. People across the globe are pushing for a transition to clean, renewable sources. 

However, it has not been rapidly adopted across the globe. This is primarily due to the longer financial returns of renewable energy systems.

The root cause of all this? 

Outdated infrastructure with the grid & the growing demand for energy.


Touchlight’s solution

centralized power plants will become OBSOLETE 

Outdated grid infrastructure and increasing power demand is no problem for us. 

TouchLight has created a unique energy system for the built environment to generate electricity from within the floor. 

Furthermore, we have specialized micro-grid packages to harvest all forms of energy right on your property, store it and meet your electricity demand hour to hour without you having to pull power from the grid. 

The best part…working with TouchLight can cut your electrical bill up to 50% from your current rate.