Common Questions

  1. How long does it take to get Energy Tiles deployed?

    A typical 10,000 square foot installation can take up to 48 hours of time to install, test and clean up. We aim to work and streamline the install process around your schedule so you don’t miss a beat.

  2. What is a PPA?

    Power Purchase Agreements [PPA] is a financial agreement where TouchLight arranges for the design, permitting, financing and installation of energy system(s) on a client’s property at little to no cost.

  3. What is the typical price per KwH?

    Depends on many variables. We have a unique way of calculating our prices based on information gathered from you during our first call. Contact us today to find out how we can save you on electricity!

  4. How many Energy Tiles do I need?

    Depends on many variables. A lot depends on what you aim to use our systems for – energy savings or advertising. Contact us today to find out what would be best for your facility!

  5. What is unique about TouchLight’s Energy TIle?

    You won’t find a more efficient system which can harvest multiple energy sources from within the floor. Other systems focus on single source harvesting. We would love to show you more about our unique energy harvesting system

  6. If I buy the Energy Tile do I need to upgrade to a full microgrid?

    Not at all! However, we highly recommend you make your facility energy independent. You save significantly more on electricity, don’t have volatile prices, loose power due to grid failure and also are helping the environment. Also working with TouchLight means no extra install cost to go completely off grid! 

  7. Do you work with residential buildings?

    Unfortunately we are not able to offer services for residential facilities yet. However, we like to evaluate each project and would love to hear from you. In some cases we may consider doing some unique one-off projects.

  8. Can Energy Tiles really take me off the grid by itself?

    Maybe. There are many factors to consider when installing Energy Tiles. For our micro-grid projects we typically utilize multiple energy harvesting systems coupled with storage to take you off the grid. 

  9. Can I sell my electricity back to the grid?

    Yes, in de-regulated states in the US. However, this can add a layer of complication to the process which can be easily avoided by building energy systems to meet your expected energy demand day to day. This way you won’t have to buy or sell from the grid.