Power From People

The democratization of power

TouchLight’s Energy Tile is a sub-flooring device that sits under any moderate to heavy traffic location and generates electricity from ambient energy in urban environments when people walk. Our product is not only a clean energy generation solution, but, also an easy to install device that is built to withstand the traffic of millions of people. Our patent pending technology is not only a low capital investment, easily scalable, and have a long lifetime, but, it can save an average commercial building up to 50% off a year on their electrical bill and increase property value annually. We are mere months from full launch into the market.




The start of a revolution  – Swarnav S Pujari

“The idea that one day we would all be able to power the world from just walking is not a new one. Many people, scientists, engineers and companies have tried. However, the common problem was technology was not advanced enough to support the demand of people. I always believed that there will be a solution which does not require people to lower their electricity consumption. I was out in search of this starting at the ripe age of 15 as a freshman in High School.”


“Taking inspiration from other innovations in energy harvesting technology I utilized my 6 years of materials optimization experience to find a solution. After countless hours of research I accidentally discovered a new process which solved all of the issues this technology is facing. After vetting the technology TouchLight was born.”

“There is only one thing constant in the world, CHANGE, TouchLight delivers just that.”

OUR team

A group of visionaries


The most important part of any business is the group of people behind it. At TouchLight we have a team that consists of business professionals, engineers, researchers and professors. We are an ever growing group of unique minds that work together toward a common goal. We are out to show the world how huge this business really is. 


We are forever expanding and adding new faces and minds to our team. We really would be nothing without each and everyone of these people. Working late nights and long hours to find ways to create the future. 


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