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Site Evaluation

If you own a commercial facility check these before reaching out to streamline our scoping process:

  • Well lit and open areas like hallways & lobbys?
  • High traffic density?
  • Last 12 months of electrical bills
  • Average total cost per KwH

Energy Tile 

We enter into a long term Power Purchase Agreement with you so we can lock in your lower rate. The benefits:

  • No upfront install cost
  • Locked in lower rate
  • No extra maintenance costs
  • Discounted upgrades 


Energy & Data go hand in hand. By developing partnerships and applications we make you smarter:

  • Our applications will be easily useable
  • Data generated is able to be used by community developers to create new smart building offers for you


After enjoying the benefits of the Energy Tile, continue to work with TouchLight and go completely off grid:

  • Using clean energy solutions you become energy independent
  • Our unique firmware and hardware can help ensure you are in full control of your power

Our Services

We’re proud to offer a number of unique services as part of every project we do

Energy Tile Deployment
Energy analytics
Locked in energy rate