A New Way to Adopt Renewable Energy

No Upfront Cost, No Long Term Leases, Cancel Service Anytime


Gone are the days of paying per kWh generated tied to 20 Year Leases or having to pay insane premiums on buying solar, storage, etc and then having to navigate the tax credit process…

Our approach is simple. Pick the Hardware you want, pay a fixed price monthly that’s usually is cheaper that what you’re currently paying and we take care of the rest. 

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Using automation to optimize the supply chain & manufacturing/designing products in house enables us to cut unnecessary costs incurred to you as a client in the old model.

We built TouchLight on a simple premise: When you turn on your lights at night or plug in your EV you expect it to turn on rain or shine. It would be also nice if that power was from a sustainable source.

High Performance & Resillient Tech Dev Focus

Our team specializes in energy generation technologies. Founded in 2016 and originally funded with R&D grants

Forward Thinking Financing & Capital

Capital is a huge part of making any infrastructure project work. We are backed by Ameren & have partners who help finance our projects internally

Partners Enabled By Technology

Our partners that support us through the process of getting you reliable and resilient service enable us to provide you with this monthly service

Frequently Asked Questions

TouchLight is an Electric Utility Company that provides property owners with renewable technologies [solar, kinetic tiles, storage, sensors, EV chargers, etc]. 

We make sure your lights turn on at night, rain or shine by ensuring that the hardware you have on your property is well maintained and upgraded to meet your growing needs. You can use us for a fixed monthly fee meaning you get access to an ever improving technology suite and our analytics engine for working with us. Cancel service anytime.

We don’t charge for electricity. So that’s free.

When you take the package we send you in the quote it is likely we can fulfill most of your properties electric needs, meaning no more electric bills! 

We make money by charging for the hardware that you are using. Think of it like renting a car or having an online movie streaming subscription. 

A good example is that a home will most likely be in the $50/Month to $500/Month range depending on how large the property is. 

TouchLight is flexible. There are no pesky contracts and no commitments. You can easily cancel your account online in a few clicks. Start or stop your account anytime.

When you cancel we will schedule a day to come recover the equipment, clean up your property and that’s it!

We have solar panels, batteries, kinetic tiles, power sensors and EV chargers – this suite is ever growing as we get new technology safety certified and approved for use in the field. 

In your account you will get notifications of when new technology hardware becomes available in your region meaning you won’t ever have to be stuck with an older generation model. 

Want to know what hardware is being installed with all the specs? Just check your account or the quote before you buy to see what you’re getting. We make sure it is the best on the market. 

Just make sure that you own and are able to make decisions regarding upgrades/additions to the house/building we will install in. That is important for us in getting all the town related stuff out of the way for you. 

Typically if you own the property you can use TouchLight there.