off-grid energy

Energy Tiles are here. The solution to generating electricity completely off-grid discovered in the floor.
A 2 year phantom development surfaces.

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Energy Provider

TouchLight Innovations is the premier Energy Service Provider for commercial property owners looking to control and monetize electricity generation right on their property.

Our Energy Tile enables these buildings to go off-grid enabling you to become grid-independent.

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TouchLight Energy Tile


Off-Grid Energy

We are an energy service provider that designs full solutions for your property so that you can go off-grid.

Energy Tile

An in floor energy harvesting solution that captures multiple forms of energy including energy from people walking. 

Increasing power capacity.


Imagine being able to walk and be able to physically contribute to powering the lights right above your head when you walk.

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We are always advancing the future of power generation. It is our dream to see a world where people have access to unlimited clean electricity. 

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