One Subscription Covers All Your Property's Energy Needs

Lowest Cost to Adopt || Upgrades of Hardware & Software || Flexible Contracts || Full Site Energy Automation

You don't want to think about your electricity and where it comes from

We get it – you would love to make sure your electric bill is as low as possible, would prefer to see your electricity coming from a green and sustainable source, and desire that to achieve this doesn’t take up your time. The problem is most people don’t think about their energy usage often nor do most people have the time to invest to know what they need or how to optimize those pieces of equipment for their property to achieve all of those goals themselves.

At TouchLight we make sure you can sleep well at night knowing we are working around the clock and leveraging custom built automation software as part of your subscription to make sure your property is as energy efficient and sustainable as possible – which is reflected in your reduced electrical bill.

All without you ever having to lift a finger.

What all do you get On a TouchLight subscription?

The latest technology from leading manufacturers, customized to your property so you realize the LARGEST SAVINGS and receive wholesale rates for all the equipment provided. As an added benefit you also get access to HARDWARE UPGRADES as technology improves and your energy needs evolve year to year.