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TouchLight’s Kinetic Tiles

When we think renewable energy generation most people think of solar panels. However, with our growing energy needs and cities gradually expanding, there isn’t enough space to just install solar for energy generation.

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Knowledge is Power

This is TouchLight's Energy Resource Blog - The inside information on how to navigate the energy industry

How We Get Homes A $0 Electricity Bill

TouchLight prides itself in providing homeowners guaranteed results when it comes to reducing their energy consumption and getting their electricity bill to $0. We realized that the market has a lot of information, a lot of amazing technology and it can be difficult to see what is best for you at your home at what time.

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Top 5 Reasons To Not Sign A PPA

PPAs or Power Purchase Agreements are a popular offering from leading solar providers that promises to reduce your monthly out of pocket expense for electricity in exchange for a 15 to 25 year guarantee to purchase electricity from them.

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Why Energy Automation Matters

We all know that switching to resilient and green sources of energy is necessary for society and the environment. However, for change to really happen on a large scale a problem – individuals need to see a problem solved for them.

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Software that Guarantees you a $0 Electricity bill - or your money back

Homeowners – As we roll out our Energy Automation Software – that is helping others get on the path to a $0 Electricity Bill – we need more testers. In exchange if we can’t help you we will give your money back – no questions asked.